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exhibition stand

Like many things in Corona times, exhibition stands also require special attention. This concerns on the one hand the numerous regulations of the individual federal states and the fair organizers, but also a professional view of spatial conditions and needs of the customers.

Our planning employee has completed the Chamber of Industry and Commerce course “Specialist for hygiene in event management”, so that you can rely on trusty expertise in this special area of health.

Due to the different regulations, it is not possible to make a general statement on how an exhibition stand must now be planned. Each point requires a separate examination.
Nevertheless, you should already be prepared to expect greater distances between exhibits, seating areas and aisles than you are used to. You should also reduce the number of staff on the stand. Since a maximum number of people on the booth is often specified, this should not already be reached by your staff, but should also allow visitors access to the booth.
In many cases, the seated position at a table allows the temporary removal of the mouth-nose covering. In the interest of a pleasant discussion atmosphere, you should make full use of these possibilities.
Hospitality at the booth is also subject to restrictions.
Please ask the organizers or us about the individual measures. We will be happy to assist you!